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This is a weekly blog of my photographic activity. I post the shots that I took but didn't find interesting, or good enough to add to a gallery. I make comments about the location, content and the quality of the photos. I encourage comments on my Blog to help me improve both the quality and diversity of the content.

From time to time, I will post interesting web links and PDF's of photo techniques or reviews that I found useful.

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Benefits of upgrading from an APS-C DSLR sensor to a full frame DSLR

February 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

IMG_6013 & FilmIMG_6013 & Film

Where: Steveston, BC Fishing Harbour

When: 26-January-2017


Comments:  In a previous post, I showed how much difference there is in the field of view on a full frame camera versus an APS-C DSLR. I decided to do more tests using my Canon film SLR to compare against my Canon EOS 60D SLR. I have two high quality Canon EF L series lens that are designed for a full frame sensor. They cover the range of 24-70 mm and 70 - 200 mm. I did a studio set of images at various zoom levels, and repeated this with four landscape scenes. The image shown here was shot at 24 mm on both cameras. Once again it clearly shows that the APS-C crop factor reduces the image coverage substantially. New full frame sensors are typically over 30 MP compared to my current 18 MP. So any loss of definition at full 200 mm zoom is made up in the ability to crop to the same level of detail as one gets at the effective 300 mm range with the APS-C sensor.

So if you own only full frame lens, your going to get fifty per cent more image with bigger pixels (i.e. better quality). The full frame also gives a bigger range for depth of field for any given distance hence in low light and small spaces you have more flexibility to get the right focus with good bokeh. So overall it gives a lot more flexibility to frame the shot you want whether in a studio or outdoors. With better quality at high ISO levels, you also get more flexibility to get sharper images with a range of light conditions. If you are Canon user, you just have to come up with the $2000 for the rumoured Canon EOS 6D MK II coming out in June.





October 31, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

iPhone CameraiPhone Camera



The iPhone camera has undergone major changes over tha last 8 years. The iPhone isn't the only phone with a camera nor was it by any means the first. But the iPhone has so much global market share, that it is deserving of this word to describe a major world-wide phenomenon in mass photo / videography. Ever since Apple opened up the camera interface with iOS 8 on the iPhone 4S, there has been a transformation of the image taking capability into a highly optimised platform for creative still and video image capture. Its more than a camera. It is a whole new mass image taking and publishing capability. It doesn't replace any existing specialised cameras. It is unique thing like iTunes that Apple uses to make you keep on spending money with them. As long as they keep making it better and keep it affordable, then it will continue to succeed.

More Honda CX650E 1983 images

February 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment



Honda CX650E 1983 Classic MotorbikeHonda CX650E 1983 Classic Motorbike Honda CX650E 1983 Classic MotorobikeHonda CX650E 1983 Classic Motorobike

When: 9th Feb 2016

Where: My garage studio

Comment: Since the bike gets more attention than my photos, I decided to check out all my studio gear using it as a subject. I used a couple of strobes with softboxes, the white backdrop and a remote trigger on a Canon EOS 60D with a Canon EF L f2.8 24-70 mm lens. The pictures were shot at f4 and 1/125 sec. The next time I shoot the bike I will try using back lights to increase the backdrop f stop so I can cut out the image with Photoshop





Winter Sunsets

December 01, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Vancouver Winter Sunset by Vivaldi iPhone

When: 5th Dec 2009

Where: West Dyke, Richmond, overlooking Vancouver Island

Comments: This is a video produced from a thousand images taken every 2 seconds by a Canon EOS 6oD on a tripod using a trigger app on an iphone. The images were processed by Apple Quicktime, and a soundtrack added. Quicktime was used to convert the HD version to a reduced quality MP4 to make it suitable for uploading.

The soundtrack is aptly Vivaldi's Winter Largo from Four Seasons.



Full Frame versus APS-C DSLR's - what your missing

April 13, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

IMG1438 Merge FilmIMG1438 Merge Film

 When: September 2013

Where: Richmond Olympic Oval and Fraser River

Comment: Now that Canon and Nikon are finally making full frame DSLR's that are even remotely affordable for ordinary mortals (e.g. Canon EOS 6D at $1400) it is worth revisiting why full frame sensors are so much better on DSLR's. The bigger image above was taken with the original full frame "sensor" namely a film SLR with a 24mm-70mm lens at 24mm. The inset image was taken with an ASP-C sensor DSLR with the same lens in the same place. As you can see, not only can't the Oval (building on left) be captured with the bridge in the same image, there is over 230% more footprint captured with the full frame. The size of the area cropped is usually not mentioned, only the lens focal length crop factor (1.5). Full frame sesnors have bigger pixels menaing less noise. The also allow closer shooting of objects and headshots to give better bokeh. It would require an expensive 17mm lens to be able to capture the bigger image with an ASP-C sensor. So unless ASP-C DSLR's start coming down significantly in price, you get considerably more value out of your lenses with a full frame sensor. Of course, you could always buy a fully automated EOS film SLR on ebay for less than $50 to get the same effect.



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